by Russell Preston, KHTK Sacramento

Today marks the 31-year anniversary of Super Bowl XIX, the only other Super Bowl game to be hosted in the Bay Area. While the location is somewhat the same, the experience and performances around the event will vastly differ.

On Jan. 20, 1985 the hometown San Francisco 49ers faced Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in the 19th Super Bowl hosted at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, Calif – just 13 miles away from Levi’s Stadium.

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Joe Montana led the 49ers to their second Super Bowl, beating the Dolphins 38-16. His 331 passing yards set a new record for most passing yards in a Super Bowl until three years later when Washington Redskin Doug Williams threw for 340 yards in Super Bowl XXII. Montana would set the record yet again in Super Bowl XXIII with 357 – a record that currently is tied with Donovan McNabb for the fourth most of all-time.

Despite the memorable game on the field, not many fans can recall the halftime show back in 1985. Please take this opportunity to travel back in time to the Super Bowl XIX halftime show in the video above titled “World of Children’s Dreams,” featuring Tops in Blue, a group consisting only of U.S. Air Force members and veterans.

The show starts off with a giant storybook flipping through pages of children’s dream, apparently. These drams include a giant grand piano, a pirate ship, a group of circus clowns, a tribute to the NASA space program, a bunch of balloons released into the overcast sky and a rising star platform with someone singing “If you Believe” from the 1978 hit The Wiz.

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There’s a whole lot going on here, but little star power from celebrities or known musicians – a far different show than the ones seen recently.

For Super Bowl 50, the halftime show is expected to be the biggest yet. With Coldplay as the headliner and an appearance of Beyonce, there are some high expectations for the halftime entertainment. There are still rumors floating around that Maroon V may make an appearance along with Bruno Mars – both have shown strong interest in performing during the game.

Along with those artists, other names such as Adele and One Direction have also attracted rumors to be playing in the big show. It’s the 5oth Super Bowl, so the host committee may have booked all of them, who knows?

Of all the speculation, one thing is for certain: this year’s halftime show will be nothing like it was in 1985, so let’s be thankful for that.

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