SAN JOSE (CBS13) — A Sacramento State graduate is now being paid to give advice to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Gregg Knapp is the quarterbacks coach for the Denver Broncos. So what do you tell the guy who knows everything?

“The biggest thing is you can’t see yourself play during a game, so a lot of my job is watch the mechanics watch the footwork,” he said.

Knapp not only started as a quarterback for the Hornets in the 1980s, he worked at Channel 13 as an intern.

“I thank them for driving me out of the business,” he said. “My home away from home Sacramento—thirteen years there my degree my masters in Sacramento, I love Sacramento I love the people there.”

On this Super Bowl Media night, getting an interview with Knapp was easy, but getting his star quarterback to talk was not. Thankfully one photographer saved the day.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Talk about your quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp!

MANNING: Greg Knapp has been a lot of fun to play for! Over the past three years—he has been great for me this year … He’s a calm cool collected guy.


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