CERES (CBS13) – Three people are under arrest and facing child endangerment charges after officers stumbled upon a squalid apartment in Ceres.

According to the Ceres Police Department, officers first showed up at the scene Tuesday night to investigate a possible case of domestic violence. A man was reportedly punching cars and trying to hit a woman.

At the scene, officers say they encountered several aggressive individuals. Police say one man, identified as 25-year-old Jose Garcia, was standing over a woman, 26-year-old Suzanne Luna, with clenched fists and yelling. Another woman, 24-year-old Amy Luna, allegedly tried to stop officers from getting into the apartment.

Officers were able to diffuse the situation and made their way into the apartment and discovered a horrific scene: Luna’s seven young children, aged 2 through 9, sleeping on a dirty couch covered in fresh vomit.

The whole apartment was in fetid condition, with officers seeing cockroaches, garbage and animal feces all over the place.

Officers say the children looked to have not bathed for several days. One of the children, a 9-year-old girl, told officers that she and her siblings would all sleep on the couch and would only eat when they went to school.

The girl said she was happy that Child Protective Services was taking them to a foster home.

Jose, Amy and Suzanne have been arrested and are facing endangering a child charges.


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