Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admit that Peyton Manning is the greatest of all time.

Here are the 5 top reasons Peyton Manning is the best.

He’s A Leader

“You can have the swagger of a winner, but never be convinced that your greatest accomplishments are made alone.” It goes without saying that, as a leader, nothing you do is just by yourself. Manning has continued to be the best by being an amazing leader and recognizing that he doesn’t do it alone. Rather, he rallies the team and it shows in his impressive 200 wins.

He Has No Cheating Scandal

Sorry Tom Brady fans, but you have to give Manning this one. Whether Brady is guilty or not, Manning has never been under fire when it comes to cheating.

He’s Had The Most Wins

Since his Super Bowl win, Manning has 200 career wins, passing Brett Favre. No quarterback in history has won that many games. Kudos to Mr. Manning.

He Has Made A Comeback After Numerous Injuries

It’s no secret that Manning has put his body through the ringer. Probably the most notable injury was a match between his former team (Indianapolis Colts) and the Washington Redskins. He took a nasty hit that caused him to have serious neck injury. The most serious procedure was cervical spinal fusion surgery. He has since come back and well, you can guess the rest

He Has A Very Good Sense Of Humor (and he’s not such bad actor, either)

He has been in numerous commercials and has actually hosted Saturday Night Live. Here is one to remember.



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