By Kurtis Ming

EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) – An El Dorado Hills mother of three says she saved for two years to buy a new oven.

Lisa Ganas says the model she ordered from Sears showed up dirty, caked with filth.

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“Not just a little bit dirty; it was filthy,” she said.

Two weeks after the oven was delivered, Ganas’ contractor installed the Kenmore convection oven.

She says she opened it and found grease, burnt food, and grime on the window.

Ganas is a big baker, and says baking is her love language to her family.

“I’m not going to eat food that’s coming out of a filthy oven. I’m not going to serve that to my family,” she said.

Ganas says Sears could not explain why she got a dirty oven and that it could be weeks before they delivered a new one.

Waiting weeks for a new oven to be delivered meant she couldn’t make her prized dishes for her family. Now the family has to erase most things off their weekly dinner menu.

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“We can’t even do leftovers ’cause we didn’t make anything, so that’s gone too,” said Ganas.

The Better Business Bureau’s Gary Almond says never sign for a big-ticket delivered item until you take it out of the packaging.

“Inspect, they need to inspect it,” said Almond.

He says signing that delivery paperwork often means you are acknowledging getting it in good condition.

“You have to make certain that you’ve got what you’ve paid for,” said Almond.

We contacted Sears, which told us, “We have no evidence that it arrived in the condition that she suggests,” and “the merchandise was expected to be brand new from the manufacturer in the box.”

After we got involved, Sears delivered Ganas a brand new, larger clean oven.

“I want to get back with my life and start cooking for my family again,” she said.

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Nowadays when items are delivered, customers sign for acceptance of receipt on a cellphone or tablet. The problem is that you cannot always see all of the terms and you do not know whether the company may have changed the terms after you sign it. To avoid this, always demand a printout of the paperwork. If they cannot print you a copy on the spot, ask them to email it to you while they are still there.