By Macy Jenkins

COLFAX (CBS13) – The drive along Interstate 80 towards Reno became increasingly slippery and more dangerous the higher you climb.

“It was scary. Not something I want to do again,” Amanda Ballew said.

Treacherous road conditions in along I-80 made driving a nightmare on Sunday night.

“We hit it in the front corner panel here and we got a couple scratches here,” Ballew said.

This family of four was heading back home after a quick vacation to Reno. But near the town of Colfax, a truck in nearby lane stalled.

Then the driver in the car in front of them started to panic.

“When we went to go around him, we lost traction and we either had a choice of going into the car or into the wall. And we chose going into the wall,” Ballew said.

And just 40 miles north, another accident: a CHP vehicle was rear-ended on the snow-covered highway.

Ballew says it’s hard to complain about a few scratches when you put things in perspective.

“It wasn’t hard enough to damage the lights or anything so we’re okay,” Ballew said.

This was their first vacation after the Valley Fire destroyed their home five months ago.

“It’s our luck and it’s part of life and life goes on,” Ballew said.

Parts of I-80 and Highway 50 are seeing closures as this snow continues to build. Caltrans officials say they are just trying to prevent those spin outs that we’re already hearing about throughout the Tahoe National Forest.


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