By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man is accused of videotaping a woman changing at a store in Arden Fair mall, and officials are concerned there may be more victims.

Matthew Sheufelt, 38, of Roseville is accused of recording video of a woman changing clothes at an Arden Fair mall store. Police would not specify which store.

“What we know is he was using a cellphone in the first incident,” said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

Officers say the victim had no idea she was being recorded until another shopper became suspicious.

“There was a witness inside the dressing room that actually witnessed him peering, using his cellphone to look into the adjacent stall,” he said.

After police showed up, they allegedly found Sheufelt at another department store exposing himself in a dressing room as women walked by. He was quickly arrested.

“We have several malls in our region and we want to make sure if there are any more witnesses to incidents similar to this or even a victim we want them to come forward and share that information with us,” Heinlein said.


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