By Steve Large

NATOMAS (CBS13) — The mystery over a stolen McKinley Park rose garden trellis was solved after a social media post showed it was brought in for a backyard wedding.

The couple has some questions to answer as their wedding photos double as evidence of an alleged crime.

An anonymous tip from someone at the Natomas backyard wedding led to the location of the stolen $6,000 trellis that was taken from the McKinley Park rose garden last weekend.

The call came to Cecily Hastings, who helps run the rose garden.

“A friend with a conscience that didn’t like the idea of somebody bragging about stolen property,” she said.

She called police, who went out to locate the stolen trellis.

“Since the thing is 10 to 12 feet tall, they were able to just drive around that area and actually spot it over the top of a 6-foot wooden fence,” she said.

Replacing the expensive trellis would have taken time and money from the volunteers who maintain the rose garden.

Now, the newlywed couple will have questions to answer after their honeymoon about who helped steal the decorations for their backyard ceremony.

Police say they don’t believe the bride and groom stole the trellis, but someone in their party may have been responsible.


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