531822978The Oklahoma City Thunder went into Oakland and stole game one of the Western Conference Finals over the Warriors. With game one in the books hear Dave, Kayte and Nate give you their opinions on how the series has changed and if they feel the Thunder are now the favorites to win. That plus more, on the all new morning show, The Drive heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK! Daily 6-9 AM

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In hour two former MLB all star Dmitri young joined the show to give his thoughts on the Jose Bautista, Roughned Odor incident and if unwritten rules are good for the game of baseball. Plus, Kayte is in studio rocking a USC shirt and not a shirt from her alma mater UC Santa Barbara. Find out why Dave feels why that may not be the best fashion decision. All that and more, on the all new morning show, The Drive heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK! Daily 6-9 AM

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Do the Toronto Raptors have any shot at all to beat the Cleveland Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals? Find out if the gang has any hope for the Raptors, plus NBA Radio and Hoop Critic’s own Brian Geltzeiler joins the show to recap game one between the Thunder and Warriors and speak about if the NBA coaching carousel is any close to being finished.

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