WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- Neighbors woke up to their cars tagged with explicit words including the N-word.

“I was trying to understand why my husband was so furious. He said, ‘Well read what it says on the car,’ so I went around my jaw dropped,” said Heather Mendez who among other neighbors and kids woke up to the vandalism.

Multiple swear words were written on at least 4 cars parked on Coffeyberry Road in West Sacramento, among them the N-word.

“It’s racist. It’s a blatant hate crimes, it’s not just vandalism it’s racist,” Mendez said.

Yi Chen also had a phallic symbol left on their car.

“Put the N-word on my wife’s car and they put the B-word on my neighbor’s car,” he said.

There’s a lot of kids in the neighborhood who saw those words on Monday morning.

“It was very difficult to explain it to a seven and a nine-year-old what that word means in the context in which it was intended and why that’s incredibly inappropriate,” said Mendez.

For 9-year-old Annabella Ross, she knows it’s wrong.

“It isn’t ok and you’re probably going to go to jail if you do it again because it’s not ok to vandalize someone’s car like that and break a window on someone’s car,” she said.

Investigators said there have been window smashings in the areas, but nothing like this and say it could just be a random act.

“If it was a kid, we suspect it was a teenager, they need to understand a serious repercussions of their actions,” Mendez said.

But regardless of the physical damage, the N-word makes it a bigger issue which she has stressed to her kids.

“It’s more than wrong it’s just way wrong,” said Annabella.

West Sac Police will have increased patrols and checking minors in the area who are out past curfew.


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