By Matt Furtado/Sports 1140 KHTK

The bars will be packed tonight for game five of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you’re going out tonight to watch the game, you’re going to notice there are many different types of Warriors fans.

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Any time a certain team is at the top of its sport for a long time, fans of the team feel the need to prove their fandom.

When you do go out tonight, or you’re talking to some co-workers in the break room at work, pay attention for the five different types of Warriors fans.

1. The “I Remember The Granny Shot” Fan

This, of course, would be an older fan who was around to see Rick Barry and his patent granny shot from the free throw line.

They will typically argue that those Warriors teams were the best in the franchise’s history, but the young bucks of today’s team are fun to watch.

Every time a Warriors player misses a free throw, this person will usually say, “he should try shooting it underhand.”

They’ve seen it all and can appreciate how amazing this stretch is for the Warriors, so don’t question their fandom.

Photo by Tony Triolo /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Photo by Tony Triolo /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

2. The “I Can Name Every Player When The Team Was Bad” Fan

Non-Warriors Fan: “You’re not a real fan, you’re just on the bandwagon.”

Warriors Fan: “No I’m not. I was a fan when they had Troy Murphy, Gilbert Arenas, Speedy Claxton, Adonal Foyle, Antawn Jamison, Mike Dunleavy, Jason Richardson…”

The list goes on.

This person may have been a Warriors fan their entire life, but never made it known or expressed their fandom until the team started winning just a few years ago.

They will be the one in the bar wearing orange and blue Warriors gear; the team’s colors during the late 90s and early 2000s.

3. The “I’m Only Watching Because Of Stephen Curry” Fan

This person is not necessarily a Golden State fan, but they are obsessed with Curry.

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They’re wearing Curry’s Under Armour shoes, some SC 30 socks, shorts, hat and t-shirt with a Curry jersey on top.

Every time the Warriors take the ball down the court, they will yell, “give the ball to Curry!”

When Curry gets taken out of the game they will yell at Steve Kerr through the TV.

As long as Curry wins his second championship, that’s the only thing that matters.

4. The Bandwagon Fan

You know exactly who this person is. He’s the same person who wore Denver Broncos gear after they won the Super Bowl and a Kansas City Royals hat after they won the World Series.

They go from team to team depending on who’s hot at the time.

This person is easily spotted because they will be wearing all of their “favorite” team’s gear at the same time.

They will be the first one to argue that they are a die-hard fan, but you know the truth.


Much like the people who just like to chant “USA, USA, USA,” during a soccer game, this fan loves to be obnoxious and attempt to start a Warriors chant.

They probably won’t be watching the game. Chances are they are pounding back the beers and standing on a chair while using a rolled up drink menu as a megaphone.

It doesn’t matter if Golden State wins or loses, you will forever hear “WARRRRIORRRSSSSS.”

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