By Jason Ross

Every day this week on the Lo-Down we ranked positions in the NFL. Figuring out the top 10 Defense, Wide Receivers, Running Backs and Quarterbacks was a little more difficult than I thought. While Damien, Ken and I all disagreed a little on the names and the order we had fun doing it. So here are the lists, have fun disagreeing with my picks.

Top 10 Defenses in the NFL

10. Oakland Raiders- Loved their off-season moves and with Mack they have a chance to be really good.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

8. New England Patriots- any team coached by Belichick will be good on defense.

7. Minnesota

6. Houston- JJ Watt makes them special.

5. Kansas City

4. Seattle- They have speed, power, and experience on defense.

3. Arizona

2. Carolina

1. Denver- Have to give the champs their props.

Top 10 wide receivers

10. Brandon Marshall- older but still good.

9. DeMariyous Thomas

8. Jordy Nelson- Coming off an injury but should bounce back well.

7. Amare Cooper- It’s his time to show how good he is.

6. DeAndre Hopkins

5. AJ Green

4. Odell Beckham

3. Dez Bryant- I still believe in him even without Romo.

2. Julio Jones- Hard not to put him #1

1. Antonio Brown- great hands and speed and the team wants to throw it.

Top 10 running backs

10. Ezekiel Elliott- hard to put him here without playing a down, but I believe the hype.

9. David Johnson- Still not quite on board all his hype just yet.

8. DeMarco Murray- look for a bounce back year in Tennessee.

7. LeSean McCoy

6. Eddie Lacy

5. Doug Martin

4. Jamal Charles- injuries are a concern, but he is a flat out stud.

3. Todd Gurley- only 1 year of a sample size, but I am impressed.

2. Le’Veon Bell

1. Adrian Peterson- I still believe he is the best back in the NFL.

Top 10 Quarterbacks

10. Tony Romo- if he wasn’t hurt, he would be higher.

9. Phillip Rivers- Just imagine how bad the Chargers would be without him.

8. Eli Manning- 2 Super Bowls, durable, and good numbers every season.

7. Ben Roethlisberger

6. Drew Brees- pencil in 30 plus TD’s and over 4,000 yards again.

5. Russell Wilson

4. Cam Newton- out of the top 10 last year and flew up the charts
3. Andrew Luck.

2. Tom Brady- Seemingly has been getting even better.

1. Aaron Rodgers- so many things to like. Arm, mobility, stats and wins.


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