By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – They are a unique feature on the sparkling Golden 1 Center now almost ready to open – the 6-story tall bi-fold aircraft hangar doors, meant to showcase Sacramento’s outdoor lifestyle.

But, the open option creates a possible problem: how to keep birds from flying in.

Arena architects turned to Sacramento International Airport wildlife biologists experts on bird deterrence to limit airplane bird strikes

Sacramento State professor Sara Kross is a bird deterrence expert.

“Birds are a lot smarter than we give them credit for,” Kross said. “The term ‘birdbrain’ is definitely misfounded.”

Turns out keeping birds out will be no easy task.

“I would say taking care of the problem early and addressing it constantly that keeps the population from building up and getting out of control,” Kross said.

Airport experts advised Kings officials to use a variety of techniques: customizing a non-toxic chemical bird spray mist, using auditory predator sounds, using bursts of air at the doorways, and using lasers to scare the birds away.

“In buildings you’re trying to deter birds that are trying to set up shop,” Kross said.

The Paul McCartney concert that christens the new arena will probably be the first time we see the doors open – and see if the birds stay out.

  1. It’s better to keep the roof doors closed. Advantages: air conditioning, no bird poop, no Zika or West Nile mosquitoes, no noise from aircraft or traffic outside (a.k.a. I-5 freeway), much better sounding music.

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