By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A patrol officer for more than 17 years, California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Ericson is recovering from a hit-and-run crash that almost took his life.

“I have a shattered pelvis, two shattered hips, my left hip was also dislocated, my right arm was shattered, my upper right arm was shattered, my left wrist was broken plus I had some internal injuries,” Ericson said.

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Hospitalized since he was hit April 7, he was released from the hospital in June.

“It’s amazing to see him,” said Capt. Andy Williams with CHP-North Sacramento.

According to the CHP, Officer Ericson was stopped behind a vehicle along Interstate 80 when witness say the driver of a pickup truck backed up into the motorcycle officer, throwing him from his bike, and then running over him again.

Austen Scott, 28, was later arrested in Fairfield after officers say he ditched his truck stole another and took police on a 50-mile chase.

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Back at the scene, the injured Ericson was helped by a firefighter, two off duty police officers as well as citizens before paramedics arrived. He’s grateful for that and the thousand get well letters he’s received from the community.

“It just seems like I have 100 percent support by the public, which is amazing. I thank everybody,” Ericson said.

When asked if he’s angry at the man accused of injuring him, he says he’s not sure what to think.

“I don’t know if angry is the right term, but it’s frustrating,” Ericson said. “I have no idea why somebody would do this to anybody.”

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Officer Ericson says he wants to get back on the job as soon as he can.