SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown has agreed to restore the voting rights of convicted felons serving time in county jails.

The bill that Brown announced signing Wednesday also reinstates the voting eligibility of felons on probation or under community supervision beginning next year. It does not affect those in state or federal prisons.

AB2466 stems from California’s criminal justice realignment, which led to some people convicted of low-level felonies serving time in county jails.

Republican lawmakers say felons should not be allowed to cast ballots while serving a sentence, with Sen. Patricia Bates of Laguna Niguel saying it compromises the integrity of elections.

Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber of San Diego says opponents don’t want to allow certain people to vote. She says civic participation can be a critical part of reducing recidivism.

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Comments (34)
  1. Once out of jail I think ppl should be given their voting rights back. It is just another lunatic Democratic law that some moron dreamed up taking away the voting rights and gun rights.

  2. David Brooks says:

    the liberals are working at deluting the citizenship of this country, once out of jail and off of probation. their rights should be restored. but those in jail have no right to vote. period they are under control and influnce of others and have no choice.. the liberals are pass ing laws based on a political agenda. they have destroyed everything they have touched in the last decade and lost thier crediablity and are no longer a reality and they are panicing because the people have had enough, of thier lies and mismanagement, i believe with the next round of elections that the independents will be in control and the liberals will be a dead issue, as they are working overtime to destroy thier voting base.

  3. Jerry Brown should be a felon in prison serving time for fraud ,treason ,and a whole list of other crimes against the people.

  4. Skip Johnson says:

    They should not be allowed to breed!!!

  5. Cheryl Plato says:

    well that figures as moonbeam is the friend of murderers rapists and illegals, and the enemy of law abiding citizens and taxpayers.

  6. Walt Craig says:

    Moonbeam has legislation in the works that will permit all of MEXICO to vote in Californications elections!!!!

  7. Bruce Hunter says:

    First of all, there is a reason felons aren’t allowed to vote. Since the prisoners are under the controll of the state, they can be easily coerced into voting for whoever happens to be in charge at the time, thus guaranteeing a block of votes. Second, it is time to get this power-hungry dirtbag out of office. Come on, even democrats can see this is a problem!

  8. holdergwt says:

    Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is an IDIOT !!!!!

  9. I don’t know the laws in CA, but here in AZ you have to petition the courts to have your rights restored. And that is only after you have paid your debt to society! Not all felons are bad people!

  10. But they still don’t have to serve on jury duty? That sucks.

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