EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) – Residents in El Dorado Hills are being told to stay away from a popular trail after a woman and her children were attacked by wasps.

It happened on the New York Creek trail behind Fairchild Village. Many wasp Colonies have been reported in that area.

The woman and her children are OK, but the mother received hundreds of stings.

As the wasps swarmed the family, the woman ran to get help and told her kids to run the opposite way so they wouldn’t get stung.

There’s now caution tape at the scene and the nest is being removed.

  1. CSD employee says:

    The bees are now gone. I destroyed 3 nests, including the one responsible for the attack, today with pesticide. These were actually yellow jackets that nest in holes in the ground. They are generally relatively harmless unless you accidentally step on a nest or disturb them. My co-worker was stung twice while we destroyed the nests.

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