I really hate to say it, but the Raiders are gone.

Many of you are saying, “No S***, Sherlock,” and there are some who will understandably say, “That’s what they said about the Kings, stupid.”

I get it, and I truly hope I’m wrong.

But this isn’t the Kings’ situation,  Mark Davis isn’t selling. Las Vegas is giving a state-subsidy of $750 million and Jerry Jones loves the idea.

By the way, Oakland has yet to offer anything. Nothing. I see you, Ronnie Lott, perhaps that’s the only hail mary left for the East Bay. Things are moving fast. There are definitely studies and back-room dealings and all kinds of hurdles to deal with, but it doesn’t look good.

Three years from now, the Las Vegas Raiders will most likely play a game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Unfortunately, Ronnie Lott will need to do more than cut off a finger to change this outcome.

Derrick Rose made a disgusting mistake.

No, I’m not saying he committed the horrible crime he was accused of. He was found to have no liability in a court of law and I have to respect that.

However, when a picture surfaced of him taking pictures with smiling members of the jury after the fact? It makes me want to puke. Have some self-awareness, Derrick.

Even if he was 100% not guilty and this woman fabricated every single charge, the bottom line is someone somewhere will not report a rape case against someone rich and powerful because of this story.

Is that Rose’s fault? Not according to the legal process. But taking a victory lap while smiling for the cameras is not the look.