SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A disturbing video has surfaced showing Sacramento police arresting a man, who they say, refused to show them his light rail ticket.

A passerby recorded the nearly three-minute video showing police wrestling the suspect to the ground and then using a stun gun once he’s down.

The video begins with 34-year old Golden Lee Smith’s girlfriend pleading for police to stop attacking her boyfriend.

“When they were de-boarded, he didn’t show the officers his ticket and began walking away,” said Capt. Norm Leong.

Leong says that’s what sparked the entire incident.

He says officers followed Smith and his girlfriend and asked to see their fares for the second time.

Smith showed the officers that he and his girlfriend both had tickets, but when Smith refused to sign a citation for delaying officers, police say he began punching them.

But Smith says that’s not the case.

CBS13 spoke to him off-camera at the Sacramento County Jail on Thursday.

He says one of the officers tried to detain him when he refused to sign the citation, so Smith punched the officer in defense.

Smith also says he didn’t see the officers when he got off the train.

According to Leong, the officers were by the train doors checking for fares as he says they usually do.

But Smith claims he was just trying to go to school, and says instead he was derailed for not noticing police.

Leong says Region Transit is now reviewing video from the train station to determine whether excessive force was warranted.

Smith is facing charges of battery, resisting arrest and a parole violation.

  1. Frank Romo says:

    Clearly, he should’ve be cited for being stupid, these incidents could be avoided if the individual would just comply. By punching the officer in the face he clearly has an issue with authority, that’ll cost him and he won’t be late for school because he’ll be suspended.

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