By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton’s Fallen Firefighters Memorial is under attack by repeated acts of vandalism.

Stockton firefighters say the monument was found Thursday with new damage, after years of repeated crimes.

Built to stand the test of time, it is now taking a beating. Someone hammered off sections of the stone base.

“You have to bring some tools and have a purpose when you show up to get that done,” Stockton Fire Captain James Klein said.

Past vandalism acts have included ripped off the monument’s metal plaques and splashing paint on the firefighter statue faces. No one knows who’s behind the attacks.

This latest vandalism comes as Stockton firefighters approach a somber anniversary of a fire that killed two firemen.

The February 1997 “Mendocino incident” killed two firefighters who went inside a burning Stockton home to save a woman, when a floor collapsed trapping and killing Bryan Jacob Golden and Brett Alan Laws.

“From the day you’re hired in this fire department, we discuss that incident,” Battalion Chief Rick Edwards said.

This memorial was built in the months following their deaths, to honor their memory and the 10 others who died in the line of duty before them.

“And it’s just heart-wrenching when you go there and see that more damage has been done,” Klein said.

A monument honoring firefighters killed while performing selfless acts is now the target of senseless crime.


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