SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With speculation flying after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, Michelle Rhee released a statement aiming to clarify her intentions.

Rhee, the wife of current Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, was among the flurry of people to meet with Trump over the weekend. Due to her high-profile meeting with Trump, her name had been mentioned as possible member of Trump’s cabinet.

Tuesday, Rhee put an end to those rumors with a statement:

“I am not pursuing a position with the Administration but I have appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts on education with the PEOTUS. Interestingly many colleagues warned me against doing so. They are wrong. Mr. Trump won the election. Our job as Americans is to want him to succeed.”

“Wishing for his failure would be wanting the failure of our millions of American children who desperately need a better education,” the statement continues.

Rhee is an education reform advocate best known for her work with StudentsFirst and her time as Chancellor of D.C. public schools. Her advocacy for charter schools has garnered both praise and harsh criticism.


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