SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Google sets the bar improbably high for any endeavor it finds itself in, but, against all odds, it seems to have exceeded those lofty expectations in their annual Santa tracker.

It begins every year once the calendar turns to December and counts down through Christmas Eve when Santa Claus departs the North Pole. It has a variety of activities as well as the ‘latest and greatest from Google Maps technology and Sleigh Engineering.’

It’s branded as having activities for K-12 student, but, adults would be forgiven should they visit the site on their own volition. Every day, a new link is unlocked to be followed. It could be a game, a video or an educational game. On top of that, there’s an Android app available for consumption as well as a Santa Tracker Google Chrome Extension.

Poor old school Advent Calendars. Their days are scarcely numbered with competition like this floating around.