By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento has a new mayor. Darrell Steinberg was sworn into office at the California State Railroad Museum in front of an estimated 1,700 people.

“I just gotta take it all in for a moment,” Steinberg said.

Inside the packed and imposing California Railroad Museum, Darrell Steinberg fired up his crowd. The self-professed policy wonk called for urgency.

“The people of Sacramento don’t need any more long-term studies or master plans,” Steinberg said.

Mayor Steinberg recommitted to targeting Sacramento’s homeless crisis as a signature priority. He told the crowd of supporters he wants to add 2000 new permanent housing units, and five times the number of outreach managers in the city.

He promised quick action.

“With a series of dramatic proposals within our two months in office,” Steinberg said.

After he left the stage, Steinberg said he had no further details to release publicly about his homeless plan.

“Well I don’t want to offer them yet because we still have some work and coalition building to do,” Steinberg said. “But I believe very strongly we need to increase our inventory of housing.”

Steinberg’s Sacramento supporters celebrated his mayoral inauguration with glowing pride.

“Just been a champion to the community, and that’s why over 15 years I’ve supported him,” Martha Geraty said.

Steinberg also had the support of several high-ranking elected leaders in the crowd, including Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

“When I was mayor of San Francisco, no one more supportive of cities, than Darrell Steinberg,” Newsom said. “The work he did on mental health and homelessness, it’s changed the lives of literally tens of thousands of people.”

A new era in Sacramento politics is underway. With lots of hard work ahead, on this night the approach was enthusiasm.


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