ARDEN ARCADE (CBS13) – Deputies say an elderly man died hours after being assaulted while pumping gas.

The incident happened at the am/pm gas station along the 3900 block of Watt Avenue. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says, around 1 p.m. on Dec. 12, 85-year-old Lawrence Windham pulled into the gas station and used the pumps.

Investigators say Windham was very near the suspect’s car. Windham was later confronted by the suspect and was assaulted.

Windham was hit multiple times in the face before the suspect took off. Medics reported that Windham refused to be treated, saying he was already on the way to the doctor before the assault.

The suspect (center) inside the am/pm. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department)

The suspect (center) inside the am/pm. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department)

However, later that evening, Windham reportedly began to complain of discomfort. He soon had a medical emergency and was pronounced dead.

The coroner’s office is still investigating Windham’s cause of death.

Detectives are searching for the suspect and have released surveillance footage of him just before the attack. He’s described as being between 5’10-6′, with bushy black hair, a mustache and beard. An unidentified woman was in his car at the time of the attack.

Anyone with information on who the suspect might be is asked to call detectives at (916) 874-5115.


  1. The cheap gas at ARCO stations tends to attract the criminals and low-life.
    That is why I avoid them. Paying a little more at a more respectable station is WORTH YOUR LIFE.

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