CBS Sacramento– For states that are perpetually and unpleasantly frigid for most of the year, it may be difficult to parse who has it toughest. It’s not particularly a list you want to win, per se, but we’ve always been told that if we’re going to do something we might as well give it 110%. So if you’re going to winter, you’d better winter hard.

Thrillist ranked every American state by which has the worst winter and the ‘winner’ might surprise you. Considering that Alaska isn’t connected to the continental states and is furthest north, they had to be the odds-on betting favorite to win. I mean, the northern most part of Alaska doesn’t see the sun for 67 days in the winter.

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But it wasn’t enough to win. First place goes to Minnesota. So, congrats Minnesota, you’ve got the most difficult winter.

But where does California come in? Despite its gargantuan nature, SoCal has enough clout to drag it all the way to the 48th worst winter in the country, which is as to be expected. Even when Cali loses, it wins.

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Finishing on the medal podium for silver is Michigan then Alaska comes in third. For Alaska, it’s got to be a disappointing finish. Probably how the USSR felt when they lost Miracle On Ice to the Americans in 1980. Something like that.

The rest of the big ‘losers’ here are Hawaii and Arizona 50th and 49th respectively. The citizens of Hawaii are likely taking this L hard, sitting on some beach somewhere in their average winter temperature of 81 degrees. Must be tough.

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Surprisingly Colorado, a state with a big winter, falls in 47th, ahead of places like Florida, New Mexico and Louisiana that rarely see snow. The rationale is how happy winter is in Colorado rather than in North Dakota. Snow is celebrated and enjoyed.