LAKE BERRYESSA (CBS13) – With all the wet weather hitting the region this week, it’s worth having a bit of perspective on how much rain we’ve actually seen – and how drastic an effect California’s drought has had on the state.

The recent deluge of rain has been welcome news for California’s reservoirs, including up at Lake Berryessa. Water levels have risen 4.2 feet since Dec. 1, according to Lake Berryessa News.

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Unfortunately, it will take a whole lot more rain to fill Lake Berryessa to the point the epic morning glory spillway – affectionately known by locals as the “Glory Hole” – becomes active again.

Berryessa is currently at 403.9 feet, which is more than 36 feet below the level the Glory Hole will start to spill.

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An encouraging sign is that the lake level is higher than it was today than it was last year.

The National Weather Service is predicting more heavy rainfall for Northern California this weekend, which could lead to rising water levels on rivers and streams at levels not seen since Dec. 2005.

The last time the morning glory spillway was active was back in May 2006.

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