By Kelly Ryan

ISLETON (CBS13) — A family is airing its frustrations in the search for their missing loved one who may be left underwater in for days to come.

Divers located a vehicle that went into the water on Sunday night. They’ve attached orange buoys to it. But the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says it can’t get out to pull the car out or the possible victim, possibly until Thursday or later.

“She’s been in there three days, and she’s going to be there another two days. It’s not right,” said Darrell Pintily.

He’s the brother of 48-year-old Nichele Johnson, who went missing on Sunday night. He and other Bay Area family members came out to Isleton on Tuesday looking for answers.

Johnson was on her way to Sacramento to visit her sister, but she never arrived.

“Her car went into the water; we’re all upset, but now she’s got to stay there until Thursday,” he said. “That’s too long.”

The sheriff’s department says there isn’t a dive team available and the weather and water conditions from recent heavy rains are just too dangerous to try and reach the vehicle. A department spokesperson confirms Johnson made a 911 call just after 9 p.m. on Sunday.

The family says there were witnesses to the accident with one man trying to rescue her.

The fire department and the California Highway patrol responded, but say the current was so strong that any kind of rescue had to be called off. Family and friends understand that, but don’t understand why it could take four days or longer to get her body out of the car and home to them.

Divers had hope to get to the vehicle by Thursday but with weather conditions it now looks like it will be Saturday.

The Sheriff’s department says the DART team uses all volunteer divers and it just hasn’t been able to get them or other resources together to reach that vehicle.


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