SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — Former Stockton mayor Anthony Silva has been arrested at San Francisco International Airport, his attorney Mark Reichel tells CBS13.

FBI agents took Silva into custody shortly after his he deboarded a plane from South America around 3 p.m, according to Reichel. He was transported to San Joaquin County, where a warrant for his arrest was issued on Wednesday.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office also executed two search warrants earlier in the week at his home and at the offices of an organization he runs. 

The embattled former mayor faces charges of misappropriation of public funds, embezzlement, grand theft, and money laundering — all felonies. There’s also “white collar crime enhancement” for showing a pattern of similar crimes, according to court documents. The enhancement can greatly increase the length of his sentence.

  1. Ernie Aldama says:

    Your headline is misleading. He wasn’t arrested in San Francisco. He was arrested at San Francisco International Airport, which is on unincorporated land in San Mateo county near San Bruno. If you’re going to report news, at least have ALL your facts straight.

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