LAREDO, Texas (AP) – Prosecutors say an ex-Border Patrol agent in South Texas faces up to life in federal prison for trying to arrange sexual encounters with two girls.

Salvador Contreras pleaded guilty Tuesday in Laredo to attempting to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity.

Authorities say the 50-year-old Contreras, who was a senior Border Patrol agent in Del Rio, resigned following his December arrest in the undercover online investigation.

Prosecutors say Contreras thought he was communicating with a woman who had two daughters, ages 8 and 14, and would make the girls available for sex. The person was an undercover officer.

Prosecutors say Contreras was arrested when he traveled to Cotulla to meet the children.

Sentencing is pending. Contreras faces at least 10 years in prison.


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  1. Tip of the iceberg for these POS government people. 10 is about half of what this AH should get.

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