ANDOVER, Kan. (CBS) – A sign hung in front of a dog park has sparked a furious debate in a small community and online.

Kayla Bishop posted a picture of the sign to her Facebook page back on March 26. In bold red lettering, the sign reads “No Pit Bulls Allowed.”

“I’m very confused and disheartened by this addition to the Andover Dog Park. My pup and I have been frequenting here quite often over the past months and have loved all of the friends we’ve made!” Bishop wrote.

However, according to local media reports, authorities put the signs up after people had been reporting pit bulls at the park.

Andover has had a ban on pit bulls in city limits since 2000. People caught with pit bulls face a $500 fine, up to 30 days in jail, and police can take the animal.

Bishop’s post has been shared nearly 1,000 times. Many commenters on the post are expressing their outage about the ban; some are sharing pictures of their “vicious” pets.

According to, some 900 cities in the US have passed some sort of breed-specific dog ban.

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  1. Jerry Cason says:

    pit bulls are mostly owned by low life people who do not follow rules

  2. Tex Ifornian says:

    I wish they would ban the breed forever. Here in California, they eat children regularly. Put this in Google “pitbull california child attack”. It is SHOCKING and Heartbreaking.

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