By Lisa Meadows

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Eating healthy is about to take a bigger bite out of your budget, thanks to California’s wet winter.

You might have noticed your local grocery store lacking in lettuce, and the drought-busting winter is to blame.

If you’re a big fan of salads, BLTs or anything avocado, you’re not going to be a fan of the latest news on produce prices.

“Prices right here right now, you are going to start seeing sticker shock,” said produce expert Michael Marks. “More than twice the price as what you should be seeing this time of year.”

Row crop vegetables like iceberg lettuce took a hard hit, and that will hit restaurants. Customers may not see price increases on the menu, but it will take a bit out of their bottom line.

“It is all because of the rain. The rain not last week, not last month, but the rain three months ago. Three months ago we should have been planting crops that we should be harvesting now. We can’t harvest those crops because they weren’t planted,” Marks said.

Not only might you be paying double, but what you’re getting might not even be that good, warns Marks.

“When you find really. high prices, a farmer out there – they’re gonna put any lettuce they see in that box. Even if it looks like a head of lettuce they’re going to put it in that box,” he says. “So you’re seeing really low quality when you see these high prices.”

Experts say the price surge could continue for the next six to eight weeks.

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  1. Go with Spinach. Much better for you anyway

  2. get a couple pots and grow it. So easy. Kitchen window is a good place. only takes 20-30 days to pick.

  3. Go to your local Garden shop… Get a 4’x?’ 6 inch deep container.
    Get a bag of Miracle Gro potting soil or 2. Plant lettuce or spinich, and start harvesting in 30 days or so. Use it year after year, and save money, plus you know that the field workers didn’t pee on it.

  4. Andre Paquin says:

    Hello from Canada.

    If I can’t get my lettuce, how can I make my tacos?

    Gov Brown better do something about this, like raise taxes, or something.

  5. Ah, yes!!! The good free-market principle of supply and demand! I wonder what the interventionist socialist planners could have done to avoid this catastrophe.

  6. Cali row crops are picked way before they are ripe, don’t see the sun for a week, and taste like…water. I don’t feel any pain that grocers on this side of the mississippi are finding another source.

  7. More likely a shortage of illegals to pick the lettuce and spread salmonella. Imperial Valley is where most of the lettuce is grown. It rains so little in Imperial Valley that many cars don’t have windshield wipers. If it ever rains everyone goes outside to watch. The Mexicans who need wiper blades just steal them from a car that has them. Nobody notices until it rains the next year.

  8. malice420dotcom says:

    Now there’s room for a new tax. Go for it clowns

  9. All you need to do is spend $150 for growing supplies and daily labor to get the same $2 lettuce head in three months.

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