OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Dozens of teens rushed onto a BART train car in Oakland over the weekend, robbed and in some cases beat passengers in an apparent orchestrated attack.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost says about 40 to 60 juveniles jumped the fare gates at the Coliseum Station Saturday night and ran to the second-story platform, where they entered a train car after it approached the station.

She said the teens grabbed bags and cell phones from seven passengers and took off into the surrounding East Oakland neighborhood before BART officers could respond. Two people suffered minor facial injuries and were treated at the scene.

Trost said authorities were reviewing surveillance video to identify the suspects.

A series of robberies on BART trains has prompted the agency to step up patrols in recent weeks.

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  1. Let’s see the security videos!

  2. B.A.R.T. = Black Ascsault Robbery on Train.
    East Oakland is the what happens when democrats are in charge for 40 years.
    It turns into a food stamp ghetto where the kids grow up expecting a welfare handout.
    By government check or by robbing from others.
    These animals are ***used to taking from others, without working a day in their disgusting lives***.

  3. Probably organized via social media. I bet there’s plenty of evidence on Instagram or snapchat.
    All you need is to catch one of the animals and search his phone. It’ll lead you to the others.

  4. If you plan to execute your robbery via social media before hand, it is called “organized crime” and you can be subject to R.I.C.O statutes. Better call the Alameda Co DA and make sure they are aware that an organized crime gang is operating. Demand rigorous prosecution.

  5. George Pyle says:

    Time to arm and defend! ENOUGH!

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