By Kurtis Ming

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Six months after CBS13 exposed how easy it is for anyone to re-route your mail, the U.S. Postal Service has yet to announce a fix.

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) is now calling for a federal oversight hearing, forcing the head of the Chief Postal Inspector to testify.

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After a scammer re-routed Frank and Rebecca Ronquillo’s mail without their permission, they learned that person tried to open a credit card in Frank’s name. His blood pressure medicine also ended up going to the scammer.

“It’s got to be stopped,” Frank said.

I tested the change of address process, filling out a change of address form. I filled it out using producer’s name and her address. Eight days later, her mail was coming to me.

I brought my findings to Postal Inspector Jeff Fitch.

“Hmm,” he said. “Well that’s something again we’ll have to look at.”

McNerney swiftly sent a letter to Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell in Washington, DC.

“We had five simple questions,” he said.

One question involved what’s being done to protect your mail. Six months later, he says he’s received no answers.

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“They should be able to answer those questions,” McNerney said. “They should be able to get back to us within a month.”

Kurtis: Do you think they’re blowing you off?

McNerney: I don’t have any other explanation.

CBS13 contacted the postal inspector’s office 22 times, before getting this brief statement.

“The U.S. Postal Service considers the security and sanctity of mail as one of its highest priorities. We continue to assess enhanced security options, as we determine the best alternatives to protect the needs of consumers.”

McNerney thinks Americans deserve a better answer and is calling for a federal oversight hearing. He hopes it sends a clear message.

“Under threat of being hauled to Washington under the spotlight to answer questions about your agency’s performance, you’re going to want to be more responsive.”

McNerney thinks anyone changing an address should physically have to go into the post office and show identification. When we suggested that to a postal inspector six months ago, he said the current system was built for “convenience”.

Rebecca and Frank say the postal service failed them, and they now face a lifetime of watching their credit.

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“They need to do a better job protecting our mail,” she said.