SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- Sacramento Police Department responded to a report of a loud party at the 3800 block of 26th Avenue Saturday night at 11:15 pm.

Upon arrival, officers located five people with non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

According to Sacramento Police Department, a party was taking place at a residence when a dispute occurred. The dispute moved to outside the home where a person pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Victims were transported to area hospitals, one in serious condition.

No arrests have been made yet.

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  1. Typical house party, deep in the ghetto of South Sac. Landlord should evict these noisy low-life.

  2. The party invite probably went viral. And some uninvited guests showed up and wouldn’t leave.
    Sometimes rival gang members or ex-boyfriends show up. Everybody’s drunk, high, angry, and armed. That’s how you roll in the ghetto.

    Since five got shot, I assume the next party at this house will have some retaliation from the wounded’s friends. If you live near this house, it’s probably not the end of it.
    The only way to end it: **Evict whoever’s living there.** They’re the ones dumb enough to host such a violent gathering.

    I’ve never understood why you must turn up your so-called “music” so loud. You’ll be wearing hearing aids at age 50. There’s no cure for lost hearing; once you lose part of it, it’s gone forever.

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