SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The fire storm of gun sales nationwide has slowed since President Donald Trump took office.

“It went back to normal,” said Wesley Lewis, the owner of Guns N Stuff in North Highlands, “I’m selling 35 to 40 guns a month instead of the 60 or 70 I was doing before.”

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During the Obama administration, Lewis couldn’t keep items on the shelves.

“Everybody panicked and were buying hand guns and long guns like they were going out of style,” said Lewis.

While overall sales have declined since November, there is one group of people whose purchase rate has spiked.

“I’m getting a lot more women in here,” explained Lewis.

Evalee Lang is one of those women now packing. Lang says she’s afraid of violence in area neighborhoods.

“To protect myself and my family,” said Lang about why she purchased a gun.

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“Mainly they’re coming to me saying, I just want to protect myself for any situation where I’m at,” explained David Jackson of Itus Defense.

Jackson teaches personal defense and firearms training. His classes are now made up of mostly women.

“Five years ago, you’d probably get maybe 10 percent,” said Jackson.

He points to recent events as to why. Last month two women walking on the Highlands High School track were attacked and sexually assaulted. An 86 year old woman was killed in the beating.

“They can do a lot to you if you’re a woman,” said Lang.

These types of events are why women like Lang are seeking more protection.

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“You never know what women has a gun now,” said Lang.