By Mario McKellop

Although Sacramento is renowned for its wonderful weather, beautiful Southwestern architecture and thriving local culture, the city is still underrated. This is largely due to the fact that the 916 is overshadowed by its larger NorCal neighbors San Francisco and San Jose. However, Sactown is far from a sleepy burg. In fact, the city has enough adrenaline pumping activities to keep even the most jaded thrill-seekers happy.

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Bungee Jumping
Bungee Adventures
(415) 658-5867

Bungee Adventures’ motto is “On the other side of every fear is a freedom.” Bold as that slogan is, thrill seekers will likely find the company’s range of activities to be legitimately exhilarating. Starting at $99, Bungee Adventures will arrange for its customers to take a senses-shattering 100-foot plunge off of a Sacramento-area bridge. For $149, risk-takers can jump between two 200 foot tall Redwoods.  And for $299, the truly fearless can have the life-changing experience of taking a 300-foot leap off a granite cliff.

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Whitewater Rafting
Peak Adventures
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 278-6321

Peak Adventures offers daredevils a host of invigorating experiences, chief among them its revitalizing whitewater rafting trips. Aspiring swashbucklers can embrace the wilder side of life by taking a three-hour voyage on the South Fork of the American River. In addition to testing themselves against the raging rapids, river runners can also take in some astoundingly beautiful vistas while traveling down the tributary. Peak Ventures’ rafting trips, which cost $100 per person, are a great rafting neophytes as no prior experience is necessary.

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Jet Skiing
CA Power Toys
1117 Windfield Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 469-5599

Thrill seekers who feel a profound need for speed should give jet skiing a try. There’s really nothing like rocketing across a lake on a high-powered watercraft. The unusual sense of excitement and euphoria that comes with hitting 60 plus miles per hour on a large body of water simply can’t be replicated on land. For just $150 a day plus damage deposit, local and visiting adventurers can experience the cathartic joy of jet skiing.

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Skydive Sacramento
1020 Airport Road
(916) 434-7700

For those who can’t get enough natural highs, skydiving is the ultimate drug. While riding on plane or helicopter can give a person a unique perspective on the world, one can’t say they’ve truly flown through the air until they done so with only a parachute on their back. Luckily for Sacramento-based thrill seekers, Skydive Sacramento allows newbie jumpers to experience the unique and intoxicating rush of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. A tandem skydive from 13,000 feet with an experienced United States Parachute Association-rated instructor is only $259.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Sacramento
5114 Madison Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 332-8294

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