PLUMAS LAKE (CBS13) — Sunday afternoon’s storm brought rain, hail and thunderstorms, but it was an unexpected funnel cloud over Plumas Lake that may have been the highlight of the unusual summer weather pattern.

“The fact that I was able to see it swirl and begin to come down even further and then watch it recede, was on top of the amazing factor,” explained Rachel Young, who sent in video to the CBS13 newsroom of a funnel cloud that formed over her neighborhood.

Rachel and her family watched for five minutes as the funnel cloud formed, sending huge pieces of hail to her neighborhood below.

She says as the storm grew in intensity, they noticed a change in the weather pattern down below.

“We would feel the wind come towards us and then behind us, and then it was from the side and you can see and feel it whip around,” she said.

Erich Kaiser, who lives nearby, didn’t see the funnel cloud, but he did get caught in the massive downpours.

“I was back behind Thunder Valley and it was dumping rain,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it – totally caught off guard that we were getting this kind of rain in the middle of summer.”

Jagjit Singh, who works at a local gas station convenience store, says not only was he surprised by the June rain, he was also scared of what was happening up above – it was the first funnel cloud he has ever seen in his life.

“It was moving fast, it was raining hard. It was too much. I was scared about this one,” said Singh.

But for Rachel, although the funnel cloud may have been unexpected, she says unexpected weather seems to par for the course in California

“Things like this can happen. It’s California!” she said.

Another funnel cloud was spotted hours later from Whiskey Slough near Stockton by a CBS13 viewer who caught the funnel on camera.

The National Weather Service says both funnel clouds were hundreds of feet in the air and never touched down.


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