By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Washington couple made an incredible discovery while cleaning out their garage –a box filled with diaries that date back to the 1920s.

“I looked in the box, and I said oh these are diaries, I was so amazed,” said Carley Knapp.

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The box that Carly and Wayne Knapp stumbled upon, tucked high on a shelf in their Oak Harbor garage was sitting there for 32 years.

The diaries belong to a woman named Estelle Fehlberg.

“The handwriting is absolutely beautiful, it was someone who obviously cared, it includes poetry they really enjoyed,” said Carley.

Carley doesn’t know where the box came from, but her husband was in the Air Force and their best guess is that during one of their many moves, a moving company accidentally mixed Estelle’s box of diaries with their belongings.

“I hope that someone who cares will get them, and be able to read about their family history,” she said.

Determined to track down family, Carly contacted CBS13. The only clue written in the diaries was an address in Hayward.

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The only clue written in the diaries was an address in Hayward. From there, we found a connection to a family home where Estelle last lived and apparently passed away at in Modesto.

We dug through dozens of public records and found one of Estelle’s only living relatives in Sheridan, her granddaughter.

“I was just kind of surprised cause she’s been gone since I was 6,” said Eileen Fehlberg.

Eileen says she has fond memories of her grandmother who was a school teacher.

Excited to learn more, we connected Eileen with Carley via Skype.

“I’m very happy to meet you, hope this is something you will treasure,” said Carley.

“It’s just amazing they contacted me, and it would be so wonderful to read her stories, what she did, her daily life, learn about my dad growing up,” said Eileen.

Now, Estelle’s diaries that were collecting dust for 30-plus years, will soon be given new life.

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“Thank you so so much for reaching me, this is a wonderful present,” said Eileen.