STOCKTON (CBS13) – San Joaquin County’s only recuperative care center is expanding and helping more homeless people get back on track.

After five years of renovating an unused building connected to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission campus, the doors to helping homeless patients discharged from the hospital are now open.

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The center helps about 200 homeless men, women, and children every day.

Lawrence Rosette, 61, of Stockton, was always an athletic person until earlier this year when his foot was amputated after an infection brought on by diabetes.

“It’s been difficult because I’m not able to do what I’m normally able to do,” he said.

The hospital discharged Rosette, but with no permanent home, he ended up at the Recuperative Care Center located at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. The facility offers homeless individuals a safe place while they recover.

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“Right now, they giving me three square meals, you know they got a walk-in shower. Before I used to have to take wash-offs because I didn’t have nowhere to take a shower because I couldn’t get in the bathtub without a leg,” he said.

The Recuperative Care Center is the only one of its kind in San Joaquin County. In the past, the facility was only able to help a handful of homeless clients, but with a new expansion project, it can now accommodate up to 22 patients.

“Their stay is anywhere between several weeks to one or two months and then from there many of them check into our life-changing programs,” said Wayne Richardson, chief executive officer at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.

Those recuperating from injuries often join the center’s programs for drug addiction, job training, and transitional housing, which offer them new hope once they heal.

“While they are here, my team gets to participate in helping them to reestablish and wanting to be involved in their own health again,” said Recuperative Care Center Director Sandra Deaver.

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While at the center, homeless patients get help staying on top of their doctor’s appointments and taking their medications.