By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Now hiring.

A massive new Amazon warehouse in Sacramento has opened 1,500 positions for applications.

Amazon announced they started the hiring spree on Friday morning.

Ananicia Montoya is on the job hunt and got the Amazon job alert on her phone.

“I saw it when I woke up,” Montoya said.

A brand new high-school graduate, Montoya lives in Sacramento–and has been looking for work for a month.

“So I’ve just been looking online, applying places, going around stores where I live,” Montoya said.

Montoya is now considering applying for an Amazon job.

The online behemoth is nearly finished building an 855,000 square-foot warehouse in Sacramento, a giant fulfillment center where the company will package and ship customer orders.

Job openings range from administration to packing.

“Fifteen hundred jobs actually, is a very large number, and the largest number that we have heard in a long long time,” Sacramento State professor of finance Sanjay Varshney said.

Following Aerojets’s bruising move out of Sacramento announced in April, Amazon’s expansion here now could create a new tech hub through what Varshney calls critical mass.

“What I mean by critical mass is companies like to locate themselves next to other businesses that they would like to do business with,” Varshney said. “For us, if we can have two or three similar success stories where companies come in and create 1000 jobs or 2000 jobs I think that helps from a morale standpoint.”

Tech giant Amazon’s operations now reaching into Sacramento—the hiring spree has started.

The new fulfillment warehouse is expected to be operational in September or October.

Comments (2)
  1. Replacing Aerojet jobs ($30/hour) with Amazon warehouse jobs ($12/hour) is NOT a success story. Sanjay Varshney is completely clueless if he doesn’t look at the REAL big picture.
    California’s economy is quickly dividing up into a few high-end jobs, and a lot of lower-wage ones.

    Amazon jobs are nothing to be proud of. You want to tell your parents that’s what your college degree got you?

    More than ever, it shows what a **total failure** Sacramento’s economy has become.
    Dumb-asz democrats drive away good-paying jobs with their idiot policies.

    Workers have a choice: live with the failures of democrats and low wages dead-end jobs,
    or MOVE…go where the private employers went, when they left California.

  2. Sanjay, an Amazon warehouse is NOT a “tech hub”. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    They actually destroy jobs..destroy more jobs than they will replace.
    Retail stores and shopping malls die quickly within the 1-day delivery zone of an Amazon warehouse.
    That’s what has happened across the country, as one retail chain after another has declared bankruptcy or announced hundreds of store closings.

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