By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s the landscaper of luxury, hired by East Sacramento homeowners to maintain lush lawns.

“It’s better for the environment if everything’s healthier…the green lawns, the nice bushes, and trees… they contribute to cleaner air,” said Gary Loo.

But the upscale neighborhood Gary Loo works in may have to downgrade its watering schedules, as the Sacramento City Council considers drought-style restrictions in a post-drought era:

  • limiting sprinkler watering to two days a week
  • increasing fines for second violations from $25 to $50
  • garden and hand watering would be exempt

“We want to develop a culture of long-term efficient water use in the city of Sacramento,” said Sacramento Department of Utilities Director Bill Busath.

Bill Busath, in charge of the city’s conservation program, says the city is positioning itself to comply with permanent state regulations on conservation proposed legislation supporters say is long overdue.

“I just don’t feel like we should be using water that we don’t have to use,” said Local Chef Kate Sutherland.

“I feel like people say we’re out of the drought and everybody’s gonna get excited, planting stuff, not drought tolerant and it’ll happen all over again,” said Zoe Whighin of The Plant Foundry in Sacramento.

But back in East Sacramento, Gary Loo says conserving is about balancing.

“If we’re not in a drought, I’d like to see it go to three days,” he said.

City council members will hear public comment on the issue next week, before an official vote.

  1. Sprinklers are not the problem. The REAL PROBLEM: too many users. Illegal alien users.

    If California didn’t have 10 million+ illegal aliens and anchor babies, we’d have plenty of water to go around.

    The water that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to ship southwards with his two water tunnels?
    Guess who uses that water…the illegal aliens and anchor babies of southern California.

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