SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento city council has decided to continue conservation efforts by cutting back on residents’ water use.

The restrictions limit watering to twice a week, increases fines for second-time violators, and amends sections of the city code relating to outdoor water conservation.

The ordinance passed with a 6 to 3 vote.

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  1. Yet at the same time, the idiots on the city council make Sacramento a sanctuary for illegal aliens and homeless. Increasing the number of water users.
    I see hobos going into yards and turning on water hoses for their dogs, then leaving the water running.

  2. krisrose1315 says:

    Remember this at election time, people. Following the wishes of their constituents? NOT !!!! Vote the bleeding heart liberals out of office!!!! This is not LA nor Frisco !!!! Listen to the people, clowns, not the special interest groups!!!

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