By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — All up and down the valley this first day of September has been a scorcher.

It's an oppressive, unrelenting, searing, record-setting sensation.

"Hot," Stockton's Loren Guerra said.

Guerra and her daughter bought a bag of ice for their cooler. They are heading for the hills to go camping.

"It'll be about 90 degrees, better than here," Guerra said. "Anything is better than here right now."

Others at the same shopping center were on their own missions to stay cool — some unsuccessfully.

"We were trying to get a sprinkler, and I went to three stores, and I couldn't find one," Theresa Ruiz said.

In Stockton, business at the Oak Park Ice Arena was booming.

It's half off any day with forecasted 100-degree temperatures.

"Triple-digit temperatures drive everyone inside, and everyone wants to stay cool," Oak Park Ice Arena's Jim Johnson said.

Triple digits are bad business for flight schools where the extreme heat makes piloting more challenging.

"Yeah our schedule went off the cliff shortly after noon because it just becomes oppressively hot," Executive Flyers' Al Thomas said.

This September scorcher had Sacramento Executive Airport hitting a record high for the day at 109 degrees. Roseville reached 107. Stockton 109 and Vacaville 112 — well within the Death Valley range, which reached 115 degrees on this day.

"It's hot and muggy. It feels like Mars," Guerra said.

Excruciating heat. Where's an eclipse when you need one?


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