Let's all hang out Wednesday, shall we?

What if we could get four extremely popular Sacramento Kings, four members of that fabled 2002 team, and four good guys on stage at the same time?


With the season just around the corner (crazy, right?), Wednesday, September 13th that’s exactly what will happen. In this town, you don’t even need last names: Vlade, Peja, Doug, and Bobby will all be on our Wingstop SoundStage with Kayte and myself just shooting the breeze.

So here’s the deal- we will be at our other studios normally inhabited by our friends at 102.5 and Now 100.5, from 8-9am this Wednesday. We will be on air doing the show live, and just visiting and hanging out.

If you want to get in, just listen to The Drive and The Lo-Down (you would anyway), and wait for us to give you the secret word to text in. Once you hear it, text it to 441140, and you and a friend could get in! You’ll have 3 chances per show to win.

Obviously this thing is going to be packed and then some, so if you don’t win keep trying.

Hope to see you there!


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