Each and every Friday during the busy football season Damien Barling and I from the Lo-Down have a segment called “The Friday Five”.  The way the segment works is that we both pick 5 things that we are looking forward to following over the sports weekend.  So with that premise, here is my Friday Five for this week:

  1. Keep an eye on those NFL spreads this week: The first week of the NFL season didn’t have that much drama.  According to the point spreads this week we may not have much drams in week 2 either.  In the words of Lee Corso, “not so fast my friends”.  The NFL usually features nothing but close games. This week has 8 games in which a team is favored by 6 points or more.  That is an abnormally high number.  There are some upsets to be had this week and some money to be made.
  2. How long can the streak go? Thursday night the Indians won in walk off fashion in extra innings to extend their amazing winning streak.  They continue their series on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with 3 more games against the Royals.  The Indians have become must see tv and now we all want to see how much history they can make.
  3. The Fight! What fight?  Exactly.  Boxing purists hated the concept of Mayweather vs. McGregor.  They touted the Triple G vs. Canelo Alvarez fight as they best fight of the year.  It may very well end up being that but there is zero buzz for this and they can blame Mayweather/McGregor or even just blame their own sport.  The masses aren’t talking about it but I hope it does provide those that love boxing the moment they crave.
  4. How many will actually show up for the Chargers first home game in LA? The NFL wanted a team in Los Angeles so badly that they ended up with two.  The football power chart in Los Angeles probably goes as follows: Raiders, USC, UCLA, Rams a distant 4th, then high school football and then maybe the Chargers.  They will play in a small stadium and likely in front of a small crowd.  You got what you wanted NFL.
  5. The reigning Heisman Trophy Winner: Lamar Jackson has gone off the first 2 weeks and more people are talking about Josh Rosen, Sam Darnould and Baker Mayfield.  Lamar Jackson plays against highly ranked Clemson and another strong game by Jackson and he will be right back to getting all the attention.  Big week for him, bigger one for his team as they look to give Clemson an early loss.


There will be plenty more things that will grab our attentions this weekend but I am going to start with these five and go from there.  Enjoy the games.



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