By Marc Woodfork

We’ve seen this before.  Only thing is, it was better than this.  ‘American Assassin”  stars Dylan O’Brien, Taylor Kitsch, and surprisingly, Michael Keaton as the tried and tested aging veteran special ops leader given the task to help train the new fresh recruit.

Every cliche that can be fit into this genre was forced into the poorly written script…plot holes everywhere.   Now that being said, if action is your thing, then this will not disappoint.  There was tons of action almost from start to finish.  There’s nothing to see if you’re looking for a smart action thriller.  It’s definitely the first popcorn film of the fall season.

Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch try their hardest to keep the film interesting,  but there’s so little to work with.  Michael Keaton is solid as usual.  He has the talent and is still in great shape to pull off a high-energy action film, I just wish he didn’t waste it on this film.