By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The home of Stockton’s city government is getting a new address.

City hall is moving to a new location, leaving its historic but problem-plagued home.

Built a century ago with what city workers have determined are hazardous materials, fumigated for a flea infestation just a month ago, Stockton’s historic city hall does still have its fans.

Stockton native Spencer Tracy (no relation to the late film star) calls this city hall a classic.

“I just like the atmosphere, the way you come up, the way you walk up the steps, the way you do everything,” Tracy said.

The Stockton mayor and council voted 6-1 to leave the old treasure, citing a report by city staff that the building’s clean-up would cost $60 million.

Instead, the council, citing fiscal prudence, has approved the purchase and renovation of the Waterfront Towers as the new city hall. For $25 million paid for in cash.

“So this purchase is cash, no debt service, no debt, no bonds, just pure cash,” Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs said.

Current Leases in the building will be honored. Once they’re over, city staff will move in.

Councilmember Jesus Andrade was the lone no vote, arguing the new location doesn’t exude civic pride.

“The location we talked about, didn’t fit the vision I had for a robust core moving forward for a growing city like we are,” Andrade said.

The city’s purchase comes just five years after it lost this Chase Bank Building in its bankruptcy re-financing. Stockton had planned on moving its permanent government headquarters there.

Stockton leaders expect to get the keys for this new city hall by Jan. 1.

It expects to move all its departments and staff inside sometime next year.

As for the old city hall, the city has set up a website for public suggestions on its future.

A library or museum have been mentioned as possibilities.


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