WATERFORD (CBS13) – Authorities are investigating after suspects crashed through a storefront to try and steal an ATM.

The incident happened early Friday morning at the Waterford Market along Yosemite Boulevard.

Around 4:15 a.m., the suspects deliberately backed up a stolen pickup truck through the store.

Surveillance video then shows three masked men jump out of the truck to try and get the ATM. As soon as the alarm went off, however, the suspects took off – leaving completely emptyhanded.

The store was left with about $30-40,000 worth of damage.

The store’s owner says he’s just going to have to board up the damage for now until he figures out what he can do next.

Authorities are now looking at the surveillance video to see if they can identify the suspects.

  1. You have to hit the ATM with your truck to knock it loose (especially if its bolted down). Then load it on to a hand truck and put in the bed. Then drive like mad to get away.

    But it’s really pointless…there’s a GPS and automatic cell phone data connection, with backup batteries in the ATM. It will automatically call for help and lead the cops directly to your location.

    This might be a fake robbery. By a local contractor trying to get some construction business. One of the bidders for the repair work, may have done this.

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