Fans upset over the protests during the national anthem have a chance to cancel and get a refund on their NFL Sunday Ticket package, ESPN reports.

The $280 package is usually something fans can’t cancel once the season begins. However, due to the ongoing controversy surrounding the protests, DirecTV is deciding to change their policy.

Protests of the national anthem spread across the NFL this past Sunday after President Donald Trump had some heated words about what he thinks team owners should do to players who kneel. Nearly 200 players didn’t stand for the anthem this week, up from the less than 10 who protested just a week earlier.

The protests, which former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick started last season as a way to raise awareness about police brutality, have remained a polarizing issue. Many fans have hurled insults and boos at players who knelt during the anthem, while other fans have heeded the president’s call to boycott the NFL.

President Trump has claimed that the protests are contributing a ratings drop for the NFL.


  1. They’re offering the refunds. because angry viewers threatened to cancel their **whole DirecTV subscription**, if they couldn’t cancel just the NFL package.

    Faced with losing the customer entirely, or losing the $280, DirecTV made the “easy” choice.

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