By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — When it comes to talking with our children about the Las Vegas mass shooting, leading psychologists remind us listening to the question is crucial.

Scott Jensen, Chair of Psychology at University of the Pacific tells CBS13, “The best thing parents can do is to be open and honest.”

He goes on to say, “Often they’re asking a different question than we might ask– so we want to listen to that question and really answer what they’re asking.”

In other words, don’t have a “blanket answer” in your parental bag, ready to roll out.

Jensen adds, “The concern is when parents try to tailor their answers or worry about I don’t want to share this–or these details–kids pick up on that hesitancy, and they think things are worse than what parents are sharing.”

He says yes, provide comfort, but be real about what you can promise.

He ends by telling us, “You can’t promise kids that they’ll never be in danger or that nothing bad will ever happen to them but you remind them that these events are not common–they don’t happen to most people.”


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