By Shirin Rajaee

LAS VEGAS (CBS13) – Amid the terror Sunday night were incredible stories of bravery, many people putting their own lives at risk to help complete strangers.

The stories come from ordinary people who stepped up simply because they believed it was the right thing to do.

Nathan Judah was leaving dinner with his wife next door to the Concert Sunday night when he got caught up in the masses of people running and screaming during the massacre.

“At the time we didn’t think much of it, after all it was Vegas, but then we saw 50-100 people running past us yelling shooter, shooter,” said Judah.

Judah and wife started running as well.

“We knew something serious was happening when people were dropping bags and clothing and shoes everywhere,” he said.

In the midst of the chaos- The couple ran into a woman- hysterical after being separated from her daughter.

Compelled to help the mother, Judah and his wife picked her up and took her to safety—giving her shelter for the night at their hotel.

“When you see someone like that, a mother shaken like that, desperate to find her daughter, we couldn’t leave her. And we just played a tiny part, we brought her in, gave her tea, helped her make the phone calls she needed, and after a few hours she was able to make contact with her daughter,” said Judah.

Just ordinary citizens stepping up to save strangers —

“Seeing the people who rallied, the first responders, the officers, it was just incredible support effort all the way around,” said Judah.

Thankfully that woman was able to connect with her daughter. They are both safe.


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